All 4 Paws Rescue, Inc. - Peanut's Story
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All She Had Ever Known Was Pain
When we met Peanut in early February 2011, her condition was a disgrace.  She had been found on the streets of Philadelphia and was dumped at the always crowded Animal Control Facility where she would be euthanized.  She weighed a mere 13 lbs for a body that should weigh closer to 40 lbs.  Her legs were curled underneath her making walking almost impossible.  Her tiny stature and emaciated frame led us to believe she was a puppy.  Somehow thinking she was a puppy made dealing with her awful condition a bit easier for us at All 4 Paws – the mindset was that at least she hadn’t been suffering for too long. 
After being evaluated by our veterinary team, the cruel reality became more evident.  Peanut was estimated to be more like 2-3 years old.  Her condition was not the result of an injury – instead she had been born with her legs deformed and no one ever helped to correct this.  We learned through x-rays that Peanut was born without knee caps.  The result was for her to walk in a way that caused her spine to fuse on top of itself making her hunched over.  Her hips began to spread causing hip dysplasia.  The pain this poor dog was in during the course of her life is unthinkable. 
Not only had this poor, sweet dog lived in this condition, but someone then starved her.  This left her barely able to stand since all muscle had deteriorated.  Further evidence concluded that this pathetic dog had given birth to puppies at some point in her life.  This was not a dog that lived on the streets – this was a dog that someone tortured and then threw away.
The neglect and cruelty that Peanut suffered is the perfect example of why we work as hard as we do at All 4 Paws Rescue to save unwanted and mistreated animals. Without our devotion, dogs like Peanut would never know what it’s like to have consistent meals and warm beds.  Peanut now receives the love and attention she deserves in her forever home with her loving family. Please help us to give all of the dogs we rescue the happy home they deserve. Your help allows us to rescue and rehabilitate more and more animals.  Together, we can make a difference in these animal’s lives. 
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