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Why We Need Your Help

Our nation's shelters are overcrowded, and that's a fact. Approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats). Shelter intakes are about evenly divided between those animals relinquished by owners and those picked up by animal control. These are national estimates; the percentage of euthanasia may vary from state to state. Five out of ten dogs in shelters and seven out of ten cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them. We are hard at work bringing these numbers down. As of 2023, we have saved 15,000 lives and counting. And we couldn't have done it without your help.

Ways to Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can help save lives. Find out which one works best for you, we are always on the lookout for new volunteers and fosters.


We visit community organizations in effort to educate the public about the importance of animal rescue and proper pet care.


We have a number of volunteer opportunities available, from animal transport to fundraising, find out where you can help.


Do you have room in your heart and your home for a foster? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Fosters are how we save lives.

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