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About All 4 Paws

All 4 Paws Rescue is a non-profit, foster-based, all-breed, no-kill animal rescue based in Malvern, PA that offers rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary to animals in need. Our goal is to offer each and every one of these animals a safe, permanent and loving home. All 4 Paws Rescue was founded in May, 2009. Since inception, All 4 Paws Rescue has saved almost 16,000 needy animals and continues to grow and save lives daily. For most of the animals rescued by All 4 Paws, we are their last chance. Many reside in shelters that are not even open to the public but are instead holding facilities where the animals go to die. Many come from commercial breeding facilities that throw them away like trash when they are no longer useful for breeding purposes or not fit for sale. Puppies, purebreds, family pets - these are animals you would never expect to end up in these horrible situations but it is a sad reality. Through our extensive rescue network, All 4 Paws has developed relationships nationwide that allow us to save countless lives that would otherwise have been ended. 


As a foster based rescue, our animals live in homes with our families and our personal pets so we are able to learn a great deal about them and work on preparing them for their forever home. There is no greater feeling than releasing these wonderful animals into a safe yard and watching them run and play as they should. They sleep curled up in soft beds in our homes when hours before they laid on concrete floors. They feel grass beneath their feet when many have never experienced the outdoors. Having never known freedom or a full belly, they are so very thankful. This is why we at All 4 Paws Rescue do what we do - because they all deserve a home.



Thank you for visiting our site and for choosing to rescue a pet in need. 


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