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Rescuewicks candles and wax melts are hand poured in small batches in Pennsylvania using premium soy wax and ethically sourced, chemical and cruelty-free ingredients. They provide a quality product that you can feel good about using in your home. Plus, every purchase helps save pets in need! 20% of your purchase is donated to animal rescue organizations. Shop now at and be sure to select All 4 Paws Rescue at checkout!

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Waggy Swag Co.

Waggy Swag Co. was inspired through the love and compassion of their very own families rescue dogs over the years. We are happy to have the founders as volunteers and fosters and to help support. Check out all the adorable items Waggy Swag Co. has to offer and be sure to use the code "ALL4PAWS" to get 20% off your purchase, and 20% of the profits will then also be donated to our lifesaving cause!

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Annie's Pooch Pops

Annie’s Pooch Pops is a human-grade bakery producing pet treats using all-natural ingredients sourced from restaurant-quality purveyors. Their pooch-pleasing treats are handmade locally in eastern PA! Their products include peanut butter filled cannolis, Happy Dog Meals, and the Muttkin, a beef marrow bone wrapped in their signature peanut butter biscuit. For every purchase you make using the code ALL4PAWS you will receive 15% off your order and All 4 Paws will in turn receive a donation! Help support our local friends and All 4 Paws Alumni at Annie's Pooch Pops!

Sweet Olive Co.

We are happy to also have the support of Sweet Olive Co. who graciously donate 15% of sales from some of their give back collection (Love Has 4 Paws, Cat Mama, and Dog Mama shirts & hats). Check out their adorable attire at the following link!

Ground & Hounds Coffee Co.

Ground & Hounds Coffee Co. is a high quality coffee company that donates back to animal rescues! To check out what they have to offer, please visit With the use of code ALL4PAWS you will receive a 15% discount and All 4 Paws will receive a donation! 

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Barkbox is proud to partner with All 4 Paws Rescue to offer an incentive to our supporters. Using our special link you can get a discount on your entire order. Your dog will love to get a monthly box of toys and treats!

Super Chewer Box

Barkbox knows some dogs need to have stronger toys to play with. Check out their Super Chewer Box at the following link if your pup is one of those that need it. Using our special link you can get an incentive on your entire order. Your dog will love to get a monthly box of toys and treats!

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